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The Number Gallery Art Buyers Picks 2018

Welcome to 2018!

We’ve got a good feeling about this year, especially when it comes to purchasing artwork from some of Londons rising creative talent. As we appreciate it can be a minefield buying artwork that not only suits you aesthetically but also makes for a wise investment, we’ve compiled tasty list of the artists we want to buy this year and who we think that you the public are going to love.

Craig Keenan: 

'Twirl' - Craig Keenan  Insta @craigiskeenan

'Twirl' - Craig Keenan
Insta @craigiskeenan

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Craig for a long time now, and also happily watching the positive trajectory of his artistic career. With his large scale cyanotype work virtually selling out at the 2017 & 2018 Battersea Affordable Art Fair's and consistently strong yearly gallery sales, Craig's work is being snapped up left right and centre. He has been commissioned to produce work for clients such as contemporary jazz band and Mercury Prize nominees Polar Bear, well known radio DJ Trevor Nelson, LinkedIn and the Easy travel group. Based on this its easy to see why his work is rapidly increasing in value over the past couple of years is now knocking on the £3000 mark.

With that said Craig is an artist who is conscientious about making his work available to a wide range of people and for his smaller scale (yet no less impressive) limited editions you can easily find a piece that suits your budget.

Check out his collection here

The Line Girl: 

'We Owe This World Unity' - The Line Girl Insta @thelinegirl

'We Owe This World Unity' - The Line Girl
Insta @thelinegirl

We first met The Line Girl early last year when she stopped by to grace our wall at our Number 177 venue. Since then we've seen her network of lines grow and grow. Showing in 17 exhibitions last year, one of the real highlights being her installation at The London Illustration Fair. 

It’s only a matter of time before the bigger galleries start taking an interest in her work which at its core is a beautiful and expansive subject study. Taking a simple core principle of the line and intermingling it with sensuality, its application to form and overall the beauty in simplicity.

She’s got an amazingly curated website (see here) and instagram (and here). We’ve only managed to get a couple of prints from her so far but there have been talks about her commissioning a few new screen printed editions of her work. Watch this space, as we'll soon singing her name from the roof tops when the new print editions drop.

Check out her collection with us here

Ruby Dooby London: 

'Here Maybe' - Ruby Dooby London Insta @rubydoobylondon

'Here Maybe' - Ruby Dooby London
Insta @rubydoobylondon

Feminine, fun and fresh are three words that jump to mind when describing Ruby Dooby London’s work. An illustrator who kicked off working with us, with two murals and an exhibition. Her high quality gicleé prints sold incredibly well and word on the street is that she is about to launch a limited edition range of printed clothing through her own site (here). 

Ruby's print and mural work is so successful due to its identifiable nature and resonant quality with call backs to contemporary culture and relatable sentiments. It's easy to connect with Ruby's work. This coupled with a poppy idiosyncratic illustrative style and a rich assortment soft and soothing pastel shades makes for some incredibly enjoyable artwork that brings delight to the spaces it sits within. 

We are keeping a very close eye on Ruby as her following is growing rapidly lets hope 2018 will see her success snowball and fingers crossed we can get a hold of one of her limited edition printed garms! 

Check our her collection with us here

Cal Lewis: 


Cal Lewis's work is amazing, and one of the painters we are most excited about at the moment. With upcoming exhibitions and an exciting collection of work coming out of his studio, Cal is on track to make a big impact.

His paintings show a striking balance between expressive, delicate portraiture and decisive street art influenced flourish. Art work that truly owns the wall it hangs on. There seems to be no shortage of buyers interested in his work, exceptional commissions being produced and upcoming exhibitions showing his new collection. We have no doubt Cal and his work are definitely going to continue making buyers incredibly happy this year. 

Cal is a regular at The Number Gallery live painting events so keep your eyes peeled for the next time we will be featuring his work BUT get in quick as they usually sell out that day.

Check out his collection with us here